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What is Whole Brain Technology?


Whole Brain Technology is the art and science of understanding how individuals think. Whole Brain Technology provides a basis for measuring different thinking preferences by determining the degree of dominance that has developed among four thinking styles.


At the core of Whole Brain Technology is the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) - the worldwide standard for measuring thinking preferences and brain dominance. 


The HBDI profile, through its series of 120 questions, is capable of measuring the degree of preference between each of the four individual thinking structures.


HBDI demonstrates and explains the way we prefer to think, learn, communicate and make decisions. As we interact with the world, different situations require different types of thinking. 


Thinking preferences have an impact on virtually everything we do. Understanding your own preferred thinking style will give you a new perspective of yourself and the people you deal with everyday. 


HBDI is perfect for individuals as well as within a work environment. It encourages team building through a better understanding of individual thinking preferences and an exploration of how these preferences impact behavior and ultimately team effectiveness. It identifies you and your teams preferred approach to emotional, analytical, structural and strategic thinking. 


Whole Brain Technology is scientifically designed to help you and your people think a whole lot better!


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